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How Budnick Project Support Helped Bring the ZapStrip to Life

Tim Croskey, CTO of Power Fountain, LLC, came to Budnick with an idea for a unique invention that had instant consumer appeal for today's privacy concerns.  Tim had invented the ZapStrip - a specialty paper that, when wrapped around a thermally printed prescription label, could erase the printed medication data.  Unfortunately, he had no way to produce, package, or warehouse the product.

Budnick Solution

Budnick worked one-on-one with Power Fountain to offer not only product-specific adhesive selections and converting processes, but also partnered to develop the consumer-end presentation -including product imprint design, packaging, and retail display.  Budnick further offered Power Fountain a variety of inventory management options; including shipping and stocking of both raw and finished materials. Instead of working with five separate companies - a raw materials supplier, a converter, graphic designer, packaging house, and warehouse/distributor - the customer now has a one-stop-solution to all manufacturing, design, packaging, warehouse, and distribution needs.  But don't take our word for it - Here's what Tim Croskey had to say about working with Budnick.

"When it came to developing ZapStrips from an idea to a viable product, I didn't know where to turn.  After a short search of the web, Budnick came up.  I was impressed with their website as it contained most of the answers I needed to make a decision on the main components of my product.  I met with their sales team and was immediately given fruitful ideas to continue with prototype production.  When full scale production began, the Budnick team made me feel as if I were their only customer.  Because of their innovative thinking I have a product that is superbly crafted and which I am proud to have on the market!"

Enhanced Productivity

Because of the myriad solutions offered by Budnick, Power Fountain was able to concentrate on marketing and selling the ZapStrip instead of investing all their time in the manufacturing specifics.  As Power Fountain builds its customer base, Budnick ships product direct to their customer's distribution centers all around the world - helping Power Fountain continue to grow and reach their goals. To learn more about ZapStrips, or even to order some for yourself, visit their website at