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Budnick offers electronic engineers the design freedom to solve problems with adhesive tapes, foils, and gaskets for Bonding & Joining, EMI/RFI Shielding, Circuit Board and Thermal Management applications.

The electronics industry realizes the aesthetic advantages of bonding with adhesive tapes rather than using mechanical fasteners.

Budnick offers copper and aluminum foil products, metallized fabrics, conductive elastomers and composite materials. All of these products may be provided with conductive or non-conductive adhesives.

Printed circuit board tapes prevent plating solution undercutting, withstand chemical contact, resist temperatures, last through multiple operating cycles and remove cleanly.

These products dissipate heat away from power transistors and microprocessors to the ambient environment or can reflect or insulate heat.

What We Offer

Whether you need engineering design assistance, prototypes, finished gaskets or kiss-cut parts on a roll, Budnick is your one-stop source. We provide products and services for computer systems, document management, telecommunications, networking, touch screens and semiconductor manufacturers.

As electronic equipment becomes smaller, power sources are concentrated in tighter areas. This confinement creates heat problems that can be counteracted (bled off) with our thermally conductive material. These products dissipate heat away from power transistors and microprocessors to the ambient environment. Heat dissipation is critical to optimize processing speed and expand the life expectancy of modem processors.

Budnick offers engineers the design freedom necessary to solve heat related problems. Our broad range of converting capabilities, from narrow width slitting to in-line laser cutting micro parts, makes many design shapes and sizes a reality. Many parts that are impossible to produce with conventional tooling are now available through in-line laser technology. Due to the advancement in thermal management products and Budnick's converting capabilities, system designers can provide efficient thermal interfaces without increasing assembly costs or processing time.

Business development specialists and project engineers are trained to assist you in developing automated, mass production methods of applying your thermal management products. We will work with you to figure out a converting method that creates parts for your most efficient design. Budnick is the place to turn when others are telling you it can't be done.

Case Studies

Budnick has worked with consumer, medical, and industrial electronics manufacturers in a variety of specialized industries to create application-ready parts that work with in-line automated processes.

Case Study Process Review

This customer was spending far too much time masking cabinets before wash and baking cycles, having to use different tapes for each step.

  • Process review was performed with a trusted tape manufacturer
  • Implemented a tape that withstood both the painting and powder coating processes
  • Converted products saved the customer valuable production time
Electronic Device Repair Die Cuts

Budnick's narrow width slitting and die-cutting capabilities enhanced this electronic device repair company's efficiencies when repairing Apple Watches

  • Customer's previous converter could not consistently slit to narrow widths
  • Budnick recommended switching to a tape that is much more ideal for bonding applications within electronic devices
  • Various die-cut shapes and sizes presented on a single pad sped up production time and eliminated the use of unsafe cutting tools
Case Study Attaching Stiffener Bars to Computer Enclosures

An electronics manufacturer needed a more efficient method to attach stiffener bars to computer boxes.

  • The customer had previously been using spot welds to attach the stiffener bars
  • Budnick die cut a high bond foam that would adhere to powder coated paint
  • Budnick developed a jig that holds parts in place in order to to ease assembly