Converting Ideas into Solutions ®

Budnick's Value

At Budnick Converting, our Business Development Specialists work hard to save you material costs and production time. We partner with our customers to increase their adhesive tape and process performance. We offer thousands of materials and convert them to the most user-friendly form for each unique application. These solutions reduce your material costs and simplify the application and/or removal of adhesive coated parts. We ask our specialists to put their expertise and efforts into sourcing, engineering, prototyping, dispensing, and applying your tape in the most cost-efficient manner.

The Converting Experts

The Budnick Business Development Specialists average over 20 years of experience in the tape industry and have worked for the industry leader in specialty adhesive tape converting for an average of over 15 years. Our team has instant access to technical gurus at 12 major tape manufacturers, and call upon 21 other Budnick associates with similar experience to resolve challenging custom tape application issues.

Budnick's specialists help you source the optimal tape or adhesive coated material for your process. After you test and approve the material for your application, we engineer cost-efficient parts, convert your material to exacting tolerances and implement cost saving application processes.

We are a customer-focused organization. To fully understand your needs and drive value to your company, we partner to learn your business, your job function, and each application. Our success depends on making each of our customers more profitable. 

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is our top priority at Budnick Converting. When you contact us with a material or converting need or an application dilemma, we will spring into action to help solve your immediate requirement or turn your idea into a solution. From our dedicated Account Managers and knowledgeable Business Development Specialists to our unmatched converting capabilities and our ISO 9001:2015 quality systems, you can rest assured that you will be taken care of from the first call through order shipment, and beyond.

Our dedicated account managers use a centralized CRM application as part of our project management system and as our primary communication tool. They listen to your needs and utilize efficient systems to communicate your requests and follow through to make sure it gets done. Our account managers provide you with the highest level of customer service and support throughout all of your communications with Budnick.

Ease of Doing Business

While we have great systems and procedures in place, we realize that sometimes you have special circumstances and you just need some friendly help to get out of a jam, so we empower our Associates to "do what it takes" to meet your needs. To keep you running, even when demand fluctuates, we offer three inventory management offerings programs. Blanket orders, inventory agreements, and consignment are ways we work to alleviate customer costs and avoid production delays.


Ownership's continuous investment in state-of-the-art equipment and their unwavering commitment to our production staff means we have long-term, happy, and dedicated people using technologically advanced equipment to produce your parts. We all know that people make the difference and the converting process is a combination of art and science. Even, the most up-to-date and computerized equipment requires experienced and knowledgeable operators to produce high-quality customized parts.

Our knowledgeable staff is industry-recognized for driving process and product innovation. They continuously do what others say can't be done. Whether it is significantly improving print quality or adding bar coding for Moving and Storage tape, cutting double coated transfer tapes more narrow than the cutting blade thickness, or die cutting very high bond tapes without lineal scrap, our team pushes themselves to get you what you need in the most cost-efficient manner.

Once we've done all this work to engineer and custom manufacture your adhesive tapes, foams, films, and foils, you can be sure we don't want you to lose customers, delay revenue, waste production time, or call our competitors because we miss ship dates. That is why we’ve implemented an 8-step order monitoring system that ensures we meet your required delivery date over 98% of the time. To further ensure we meet your demand, we've cross-trained operators, have redundant equipment, utilize multiple locations and are implementing a disaster recovery plan.


To ensure consistency from part to part and order to order, we use a robust ERP system, detailed work instructions, drawings, photos, part samples, first article inspections, random audits, and our ISO 9001:2015 quality system. Because we have people that care and we utilize these processes, we only have quality issues on .5% of the line items that we process. Even though errors are amazingly low for a company that manufactures custom parts in a fast paced environment, we are continuously trying to improve. Customer focus is our top priority, and our demanding quality procedures are an important step to this commitment.