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Custom adhesive tapes and foams enhance aerospace manufacturing applications, like composite bonding, stripping and painting, and interior refurbishing.

Small mistakes in stripping and painting are very costly, so Aerospace manufacturers and refurbishers use trusted masking products that are custom designed for each operation.

Double coated tapes, reclosable fasteners, and surface protection films help you build and protect the luxurious cabins and cockpits that your customers demand.

Double coated, film, and TeflonĀ®(PTFE) tapes help secure vacuum bags to the master tool and provide clean easy release.

Silicone rubber, glass cloth, and foil tapes harness wires and provide high heat protection throughout the aircraft.

What We Offer

Aerospace companies are always challenged to get more out of fewer materials while continually increasing performance, quality, and safety. Whether you need specified materials custom-fabricated to speed up original manufacturing or need help creating better masking solutions during refurbishing, Budnick is an ideal Aerospace partner. We supply a wide variety of adhesive tapes and die-cut parts that are used in various stages of aircraft manufacturing, refurbishing, and maintenance. Polyester, Teflon® (PTFE), PTFE coated fiberglass, polyimide, foils, masking, vinyl, silicone rubber insulation blankets and fire retardant double coated tapes are supplied to this demanding industry in both rolled goods and die-cut parts.

Supplying everything from tapes to hold the composite lay-up during vacuum sealing, flash masking tapes to withstand the pressure and temperatures of composite bonding cycles, and media blast and plasma spray masking tapes, to a variety of surface protection tapes, Budnick helps prevent costly rework caused by collateral damage throughout the production and refurbishing processes.

Browse through our product baskets of popular Aerospace products above, or contact a Budnick application engineer to help source and develop the ideal product for your application!

Case Studies

Budnick has years of experience providing solutions to OEMs, Suppliers, and Refurbishers in the aerospace industry, and we're happy to share some of our successes with you!

Case Study Enhanced Production

Lacking in production efficiency and healthy hands, this aerospace came to Budnick in search of solutions for a complex masking application.

  • Workers were cutting tape by hand and often cutting themselves
  • Tape was being cut for various sizes of metal parts to mask during shot peening
  • After working with Budnick, the customer was able to double production
Case Study Process Review

This customer was spending far too much time masking cabinets before wash and baking cycles, having to use different tapes for each step.

  • Process review was performed with a trusted tape manufacturer
  • Implemented a tape that withstood both the painting and powder coating processes
  • Converted products saved the customer valuable production time