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Budnick provides adhesive and converted solutions for medical devices, face shields, safety barriers, surface protection films, 95kPa and biohazard bags, hospital partitions, floor marking tape, labels and label protection, and more.

Budnick carries and converts adhesive tapes and foams, films, and headband materials necessary to manufacture disposable plastic face shields. Our die-cutting and laminating capabilities allow us to convert materials to your desired forms and sizes.

3M Antimicrobial Film is a 2 mil clear film with an antimicrobial hardcoating that is scratch and abrasion resistant for high-touch surfaces. The hardcoat contains silver ions to protect against bacteria and mold growth by interrupting cell metabolism. Unlike antimicrobial sprays, the presence of the film tape on high-touch surfaces provides constant awareness to consumers and workers, and it protects sensitive components from disinfecting sprays and wipes.

Budnick provides plastic sneeze guards and safety barriers in various thicknesses. Our precision cutting capabilities can cut the guards to your exact dimensions and our bonding and mounting solutions make installation quick and easy.

Strong, durable bag closure tapes ensure biohazard bags and other medical specimen bags stay sealed when they are being transported and handled. Budnick also provides tapes for tamper-evident applications.

Budnick carries a variety of protective films to prevent scratches on PETG, PET, PVC, polycarbonate, and acrylic shields and guards. These films can be high-speed, die-cut to your exact size.

Floor and aisle marking tapes help ensure proper self-distancing. These durable, scuff-resistant tapes are available in many colors and safety stripes, and they are easy to apply and remove.

Budnick can create custom printed labels for your products, supplies, and equipment. Label protection tapes protect labels, instructions, and lamination.

Reclosable fasteners bond to a variety of substrates and materials, making them a versatile solution for various applications like shield banding, gown closure, medical accessory attachment, signage, and more.

Budnick provides quick and easy solutions for hospital room and privacy partition assembly.

We Provide Solutions For:

• Face Shield and Sneeze Guard Supply & Converting

• Face Shield Foam, Tape, and Film Supply & Converting

• Hospital Room Partitions

• Floor & Aisle Marking

• Labeling & Label Protection

• Surface Protection Films
• 95kPa & Medical Specimen Bag Closure

Case Studies

Case Study Extrusion Mounting

Unable to meet production goals due to an extrusion that failed to bond to a medical sink, this medical equipment manufacturer turned to Budnick to develop a solution.

  • Customer was using an extruder’s failing foam to attach an extrusion to a sink base
  • A new acrylic foam with quick-stick properties was tested and implemented
  • Budnick worked with a new extruder to develop a properly fitting extrusion
Case Study Reengineering

A medical equipment manufacturer turned to Budnick to implement process improvements related to their medical cabinets.

  • Customer also wanted to reduce their number of vendors
  • Customer needed a solution to mount brackets and secure a medical hose
  • Both gaskets needed to be FDA approved due to cleaning and sterilization