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Adhesive Grommet Tabs, Banner Finishing Products, & SEGDesign Frames

Banner Ups® by Budnick create strong, durable banners at a fraction of the time and cost of inserting grommets and sewing banner hems

Banner Ups® by Budnick Starter Kits

Banner Ups® by Budnick Starter Kits are perfect for easy, custom banner finishing. The Starter Kit contains 100 Clear BravoTabs, 1 roll of Clear PowerTape (1.5″ x 36 yd roll), and 1 EZ Punch

Banner Ups® by Budnick Adhesive Grommet Tabs

Banner Ups® by Budnick offers Adhesive Grommet Tabs including Banner Ups®, PowerTabs®, BravoTabs®, EdgeTabs®, and PolyTabs®, which are simple, inexpensive alternatives to grommets in fabricating super-strong banners of any length, instantly.

Banner Ups® by Budnick SEGDesign Fabric Display Frames & KederTape™

SEGDesign frames are high-quality silicone edge graphic (SEG) frames used to make fabric displays. With Banner Ups® by Budnick, you simply snap the frames together. No tools are needed. Create beautiful eye-catching fabric signs with Banner Ups® by Budnick SEGDesign Kedertape™ system.

Banner Ups® by Budnick Banner Hem Tapes

Banner Hem Reinforcement Tapes eliminate the hassle of folding over double-sided banner tapes. Banner Hem Tapes are applied over PowerTabs® along the top and bottom edges on the back of the banner. Banners made with PowerTabs® and Hem Tapes have five times the strength of banners made using traditional grommets.