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Projector Screen Reflection Reduction & Window Shade Extrusion Mounting


Customer Need

A projector screen and shade manufacturer came to Budnick with two different application needs. The first was for rolls of flocked material that are bonded to projector screens to block reflection coming from the projector. The previous supplier’s rolls were wrinkled and delayed production. The second need was bonding extrusions to  window shades.

The Budnick Solution

We laminated an Avery Dennison double coated polyester tape to the flocked material and then slit it into rolls. The double coated PET tape features a high tack acrylic adhesive that bonds well to a variety of substrates, including the metal portion of the projector screen. As for the window extrusions, we used a 3M™ double coated film with excellent holding power that is ideal for bonding dissimilar substrates.

Increased Production

The customer’s time is no longer spent returning unusable material or smoothing out any wrinkles in the material. With a consistent supply of quality material on the floor, the customer has been able to manufacture the projection screens without interruption.