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Electronic Device Repair Die Cuts

Customer Need

An electronic device repair company was using a double-sided acrylic film tape to attach a face onto an Apple Watch. The customer wanted the rolls of tape slit to 2mm and 8mm widths.  The converter they were previously working with could not consistently slit to such narrow widths and the rolls were often presented in poor condition.   

The Budnick Solution

Before evaluating converting options, Budnick's tape specialists recommended that the customer switch to a more versatile tape that adheres well to both metal and plastic. This double-sided film also has high shock value, push out, and environmental resistance. It is often used for lens, touchpad, and various other bonding applications in electronic devices.

With a more ideal tape in place, Budnick specialists recommended die-cut parts to eliminate the use of untimely, unsafe cutting tools. Budnick die-cut the double-sided film to the customer's exacts shapes and sizes, presenting them all on one single pad. Repair times were significantly reduced by having all the needed parts on a single pad. 

Creating Value for Our Customer

Budnick works with companies across various industries to increase their adhesive tape performance by offering thousands of materials and converting them to the most user-friendly form for each unique application.