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Case Study - Modifying Formats

Customer Need

A commercial freezer and refrigerator manufacturer was using a high tack ATG tape to hold wipers on plastic extrusions. Also, it was used to hold metal panels together before fastening and foaming, as well as many other applications throughout the plant. The aggressive adhesive performed well for the customer with the only issue being exposed adhesive in some applications.

The Budnick Solution

We proposed a switch to a reverse wound tape on an ATG core cut to a more narrow width than the previously used tape. The new ATG tape is essentially the same as the prior, just with a different liner. We also worked with the tape manufacturer so the cores would function with the customer's current ATG guns.

Creating Value for Our Customers

When our customer made the switch, not only was the exposed adhesive in some applications eliminated, but they also saw cost savings by using less product. Our tape specialists work hard to save you material costs and production time. We work with companies to increase their adhesive tape performance by offering thousands of materials and converting them to the most user-friendly form for each unique application.