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Case Study - Die Cut Protective Film for RV Wheels

Customer Need

A Budnick specialist visited an RV manufacturing plant with one of our distribution customers to view how and where the RV manufacturer was using adhesive products in their applications. The Budnick representative observed how a surface protection film that was being applied to an RV’s wheel and knew the process could be done much more efficiently. The film is put over the wheels to protect the finished aluminum during the manufacturing and keeps overspray off the finished surface throughout the painting process. 

Budnick Solution

While the RV manufacturer was happy with how the film was performing, their workers were not happy with how difficult it was to apply. This application required two people to apply the film from the 48’’ logs of film. One person would handle the roll while the other would apply it to the wheel. The excess film was cut with a knife, often leaving marks and cuts in the RV tires. Budnick’s team proposed die-cutting the film to the exact size of the wheel. The film is now presented in 39.5" diameter pre-cut sheets with a back scored paper liner.


Efficiency Improvements

The custom die-cut film sheets have eliminated multiple problems for the RV manufacturer. Gone is the need for knives, which in turn eliminates the marks and cuts in the tires. The customer also reduced material waste and increased the production speeds, with only one worker needed to apply the film. When working with distributors, it is our goal to enhance the industrial manufacturers’ final product, lower their material costs and save production time.