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  • Budnick provides the construction and building supply industry with a wide variety of flexible adhesive solutions for a number of applications!
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Budnick harnesses over 60 years of converting expertise and partnerships with major adhesive tape manufacturers to provide you with a variety of services for lowering your material costs, implementing and engineering time-saving processes, and enhancing the value of your final good. At Budnick we focus on doing everything we can to convert your ideas into solutions!

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Budnick's experience stretches across a number of industries, giving us the knowledge necessary to develop solutions for myriad applications. We focus on lowering your operating costs by sourcing and producing the ideal product for your specific needs. Additionally, our fast, reliable delivery and ISO 9001 status ensure that you're getting exactly what you need when you need it!

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Recent News and Blog Posts
Budnick Presents Check to the Joshua Chamberlain Society

Budnick employees recently raised $2,000 for the Joshua Chamberlain Society. The money raised will help support local veterans injured in combat while fighting the war on terror.

Constructive Bonding of Oven Doors

Mounting metal sub-constructions to oven doors is oftentimes done with liquid glues (or other conventional fastening methods) – this is an inefficient concept that can be improved by using double-sided tapes. To be more precise, acrylic core tapes are the right solution for this application, leading not only to an improvement in production time but also to an increase in overall efficiency.

3M Committed to Future

3M CEO, Inge Thulin, recently spoke with KARE11 Minneapolis, discussing the brand new Carlton Science Center and 3M's commitment to their future.