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Preventing Your Production Lines From Stopping

I currently use an adhesive product in my production process, but have to stop every 20 minutes to replace a new roll of material on the line. What can I do to increase my production?

Depending on what type of material you are using, the answer could be simple...spooling.

Spooling is the process of splicing together a series of cut rolls of material and wrapping them together as one reel. Spooled rolls are traversely wound onto one wide core. By creating one reel of material, you are able to decrease your downtime in production.

"Right now, I am spooling a roll of material to 30,000 feet. The results for our customer are quicker production and turnaround times, which ultimately leads to higher margins and more profit," says Finishing Department Team Leader, Jim Inman of Budnick Converting, Inc.

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