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10 Adhesive & Bonding Application Questions to Consider

If you need to bond an object or substrate to another object or substrate (substrate being defined as a type of surface), then you need to know the answers to these questions.  If you know most or all of the answers to the following 10 questions about your bonding application, you are well on your way to successfully sourcing the right tape or foam.  Ready?  Here are the top 10 questions to consider for your bonding needs:

  1. What materials do you want to bond?
  2. Do you require a structural or non-structured bond?
  3. Are you willing to prepare the surface by cleaning it or applying an adhesive primer?
  4. What types of stresses will the bond be subjected to?
  5. What types of environmental conditions will be involved?
  6. Do you need gap filling?
  7. Do you need extra time to reposition the bond before it cures?
  8. What is your preferred bonding range?
  9. What application method will you use...or do you have production requirements during the application process?
  10. What method are you currently using for your bonding application?
There you go.  Your double coated tape or foam needs can be more narrowly defined after going through the process of answering these questions.  Good luck on your next bonding and joining application.