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3M VHB™ High Bond Foam Tapes

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High strength, double sided 3M VHB Acrylic Foam Tapes permanently bond and seal many metals, plastics, and other hard-to-bond materials. VHB tapes are also an alternative to rivets, screws, and liquids. 3M VHB tapes bond on contact with no drying time allowing you to save both the steps and costs associated with the preparation, clean-up and refinishing processes. Budnick is a 3M Preferred Converter, carrying and converting 3M's full lineup of VHB tapes, customized to meet your application needs.

3M VHB easily fills and seals gaps between both rounded and flat surfaces while compensating for any thermal expansion/ contraction between substrates. Acrylic foams by nature are ideal for vibration damping and resist impacts, solvents, moisture, and UV light degradation.

The 3M™ VHB™ Tape LSE Series is a double-sided acrylic foam tape developed specifically for LSE substrates such as polypropylene (PP), thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) and thermoplastic olefins (TPO), to create a long-lasting, high-strength bond without the use of a primer or promoter.

Budnick's rotary press and flat bed die cutting services create custom VHB die-cut parts that are the ideal size and shape to meet your application's needs. VHB die cuts increase production on your assembly lines by easing the assembly process and eliminating guess work, all while cutting costs on material waste. Extended liners/finger-lift tabs are available.

3M VHB GPH (General Purpose High Temperature) tapes are a permanent bonding solution that can replace traditional mechanical fasteners and liquid adhesives in challenging high-temperature applications. They bond a variety of substrates including many metal, plastic and painted materials. The high-temperature performance allow for assembly prior to powder coat or liquid paint processes involving a paint bake cycle.

The 3M 4941 VHB family of tapes utilize multi-purpose acrylic adhesive on both sides of conformable foam. The acrylic adhesive provides excellent adhesion to a wide range of high and medium surface energy substrates including metals, glass, plastics, as well as plasticed vinyl. 4941, 4941F, 4926, 4936, 4947F, 4956, 4979, 4991, RP16,RP25, RP32, RP45, RP62

The 5952 VHB family of tapes matches the modified acrylic adhesive on both sides of very conformable foam, providing adhesion to the broadest range of substrates, including most powder coated paints. They can replace mechanical fasteners (rivets, welding, screws) or liquid adhesives It is available in dark gray. 5925, 5952, 5962, 5905, 5907, 5908, 5909, 5915, 5930

The 3M VHB 4950 family of tapes have a general purpose adhesive on both sides of the firm acrylic foam. They are typically used on metal, glass and HSE plastic substrates. Firm acrylic foam provides the highest level of foam strength in the VHB™ family UL 746C Recognition. They are available in white and black. 4950, 4920, 4929, 4930, 4949, 4955, 4959

The 3M 4945 VHB family of tapes has multipurpose adhesive on both sides of a firm acrylic foam. The acrylic foam provides the highest level of foam strength in the VHB family. The unique adhesive resists migration of plasticizers in vinyl substrates. It is often used to attach vinyl trim, bond vinyl extrusions or adhere truck and trailer skins. White in color. 4945 4946

The 3M 4910 VHB family of tapes is excellent for applications where clear or colorless is desired.The general purpose adhesive bonds to most higher surface energy substrates including metal, glass and HSE plastics. In many cases it can replace rivets, spot welds, liquids, or other permanent fasteners. It is also moisture and solvent resistant. 4905 4910

The 3M 4951 VHB family of tapes has a low temperature appliable acrylic adhesive system, utilized on both firm and conformable foam tapes. It is suitable for high surface energy substrates. They provide excellent durability and excellent solvent and moisture resistance. Available in white (firm foam) and gray (conformable foam). 4951, 4943, 4957

The 3M 4622 VHB family of tapes has general purpose adhesive on the face side that bonds to metals and HSE plastics and multipurpose adhesive on the liner side bonds to many medium surface energy plastics, composites and painted surfaces. It creates a permanent seal against water, moisture and its virtually invisible fastening keeps surfaces smooth. Available in white. 4618, 4622, 4624

The 3M 4952 VHB family of tapes utilizes the low surface energy adhesive on a firm foam. It has good adhesion to polypropylene and many powder coated paints. In many cases it can replace rivets, spot welds, liquid adhesives or other permanent fasteners. It is resistant to solvents, UV, and moisture. Available in white. 4952, 4932

The 3M 4611 VHB family of tapes has a general purpose adhesive on both sides of firm foam. This family of tapes is typically used on metal substrates and has high-temperature resistance, making it often suitable for bonding prior to high-temperature paint processing. Available in dark gray. 4611, 4646, 4655

Budnick has an assortment of lathe slitting machines that provide the flexibility to slit large log rolls of 3M VHB to a variety of log sizes. Rewind slitting, another slitting service offered from Budnick, precision slits master rolls to your desired widths and lengths. Budnick can also wind VHB into large spools, keeping your machines running longer.

Spooled rolls of VHB are spliced together via a series of cut rolls of material and wrapped together as one reel. By creating one reel of material, we are able to decrease your downtime in production. Budnick's multiple head spooler is capable of producing reels of narrow width products that are very difficult to handle in a traditional "pancake" form.

Ultimate Bonding

3M is one of the most widely known adhesive tape suppliers in the world. 3M products have a reputation for being some of the best available because they provide solutions for nearly any application and have a proven history of innovation.

For more than 25 years, engineers have been specifying 3M VHB tapes to permanently bond and seal many metals, plastics, and other surfaces for increased productivity, high strength, long-term durability, and improved appearance.

Budnick even offers the most popular VHB products in standard sizes available for purchase right here. Our catalog features:

3M 4950 45mil Firm White VHB
3M F9469PC 5mil Firm Transfer VHB
3M 9473PC 10mil Transfer VHB
3M 5952 45mil Heavy Duty VHB
3M 4945 45mil Firm White VHB
3M 4941 45mil Gray Conformable VHB
3M 4910 40mil Clear General Purpose VHB
3M 4905 20mil Clear General Purpose VHB
3M 5925 25mil Dark Gray Conformable VHB
3M 4951 45mil Firm White Low-Temperature VHB
3M 4646 25mil High-Temperature VHB




Partnering with 3M

Budnick is proud to be a 3M Preferred Converter. Partnering with 3M allows us to work with unparallelled products to create optimal solutions that meet your needs and specifications.

Proven Experience

3M Solutions are backed with years of proven experience, field expertise, and the best technical department in the adhesive tape industry. It is with this knowledge that they have developed products for numerous applications based on in-field performance and the needs of various sectors.

Trusted Performance

One of the biggest reasons 3M's adhesive tapes are so prevalent is that they can be trusted in the most strenuous of applications. 3M continually tests their adhesive tape lines to ensure that the tape your buying will live up to the needs of your application.

Constant Innovation

Never satisfied with the status quo, 3M is constantly innovating and producing new products to fit the needs of the world developing around us. This has lead to 3M offering a broad range of adhesive products for any conceivable application in any industry.